Mind The Gap

The circle of life dictates that new things must be born while old things die. That’s just how it goes. There are no moral or immoral connotations to it, it just is. The sooner one accepts the circle, the higher quality of life they will enjoy. Some things are cut short before they have a chance to realize their full potential. Others will blossom like cherry trees in the spring. Unfortunately, this inherent dichotomy is another part of life that we must will ourselves to accept. This is no sneaking around the bait.

This circle of life applies to the many masculine-centric blogs around the Internet. Many come, some rise, all fall. It isn’t a matter of who, it is a matter of when. There are multiple reasons for the fall but the end result is the same. It is so that new blogs can arise to the occasion and fill the gap. So do not regard my stay as a permanent fixture. One day, this spire will be deconstructed. But for now… it just *is*.

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