Don’t Lose Yourself



One of the unfortunate obstacles that many men who study Game run into is the ambiguous dichotomy between an alpha male and a beta male. Beginners who first are introduced to Game encounter the oft repeated assertion that a male needs to be an alpha male in order to attract and maintain women. Rollo Tomassi over at the Rational Male eloquently illustrated this point. Because these men lack experience that comes from being indulged in a red pill perspective, they resort to searching for an incorrect and incongruous definition of an alpha male. Several weeks later, a combination of late-night Google searches, culling incongruous definitions from various sources, broscience, contradictory advice, and eschewing of “beta” practices, the average male now feels as if he has the definition of being an alpha male. He now has a congratulatory masturbation session in lieu of his newfound discovery. In his road to becoming an “alpha male”, the guy gets rid of all his old “beta” friends, throws out his video games, and begins to become a cold automaton.

He then goes on numerous manosphere sites and calls things “beta” because they’re “too soft” or they remind him of his old “beta” self. He has once again become a casualty of the self-consuming dragon that is Game due to his overindulgence of mental masturbation. It’s like strict Paleo dieters asking “Is It Paleo?” except instead he asks “Is It Alpha?” The lack of internalization of Game concepts (especially one so central to Game) is the downfall of the male who feels as if he must be alpha at all times. Being alpha is not natural to him because he is forcing himself to behave in a way that is not congruent with his current mindstate. Alpha isn’t about “not being beta”, it’s about being “alpha”. Being alpha is having a superior mindset and doing things that enable your evolutionary progression. Anything that prohibits these two is beta.

So no. It’s not the video games you play. It’s not the movies you watch. It’s not the friends you hang out with. It’s not the emotions you have. You can act “alpha” all you want by going to the gym and “fucking mad bitches”, but that doesn’t mean you’re an alpha male. If you haven’t internalized the alpha male mindset, all you are is a beta with a thin veneer that will crack in the presence of a true alpha(s). Be who you are. Do what you do. Love what you love. But be alpha.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Yourself

    • I do not know who was the originator of the concept. It seems to have come from various sources and different people ran with their manifestation of the idea. There are common threads between many of them but as for a complete, whole definition – that has yet to be accomplished.

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