Ignorance Is Bliss


There are many times in life when one asks themselves the ever-eternal question of “why”. The method of interrogation can go something along the lines of: “why did I get laid off from a job where I was supposedly a valued worker?” “Why did MY car have to get into an accident?” “Why did my dog have to get put down?” “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?” A lot of the major “existential” “why” questions arise out of a feeling of being cheated out of something the person believes they are entitled to because they have paid their dues as being a “good person”. When it comes to life, the opposite sex is a major part of the maximization of what life has to offer. The faster a person can decipher the opposite sex, the better. Some people do this at an early age, some people learn eventually, others never do.

When it comes to the question “why”, the Game-unaware man will always ask that question more often than he should. Take a standard day in the life of the average Game-unaware man. He may wake up in the morning feeling as if the deck is stacked against him, staring at the ceiling, feeling like an empty shell of a man. He will go throughout his day, feeling invisible to the females he wishes to attract, feeling as if they are inaccessible to him. He will feel lost looking at the couples holding hands, seething with resentment underneath the surface. He will return to his bed again, at the end of the day feeling lost once more only to repeat the cycle once again. He knows no choice. He knows no options. He hopes and possibly even prays that a female will fall into his lap. He doesn’t even know what type of female he is attracted to. He’ll just take anything at this point because he’s praying for a change. He wonders why his friend that he’s known for 10 years keeps complaining about the same types of guys treating her badly and how she just wants a “nice guy for once” but he wants to say “I’m right here! I’m the nice guy!” When he does get a girl, he wonders why she treats him badly, keeps testing him, and keep talking about other guys. Five months down the line, he wonders why she cheated on him. In this world, he feels as if he just can’t win and wants to give up before he’s even started.

This is the day in the life of the non red-pill man. His life is full of longing, walking on eggshells, and pedestalization of women. He knows nothing else. He believes there is nothing else. Without the red pill, he will never know how women truly are and thus, he will lead a diminished life compared to the man who has a thorough understanding of red pill game. His life will be a series of repeated failures ad infinitum, like a blind man falling down a marble staircase – endlessly.

Ignorance can be indeed bliss, or maybe one’s greatest deterrent.

That’s why it is more important than ever, now in the modern era, to learn Game.

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