The next generation has been let down and disappointed. Disillusioned by the promises of the elders, jaded by the modern society, and sent aimless down a path of mediocrity and wanton self-aggrandizement.
I’m one of them. Day after day, I see people stuck in the mire and I desperately want to try and fish them out. However as we all know, you can’t save them all.

I’ve learned my lessons the hard way, as we all have. I made a complete 180 in my worldview and and with it – my life. I disregarded dead weight. Attained laser-like focus. Gained a greater sense of self. And in the end, I build a spire. A monument to the paragon male. A vantage point from which I could survey the wreckage that is western civilization.

Now, I extend an invitation to come and sit with me in the spire and look upon this sorry state of affairs with a tinge of melancholy in our hearts as the dirge plays on.

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